Hiking tour

Kokorinsko provides a variety of challenging, walking or hiking routes that will allow you to experience the wonders of nature to the fullest extent. So discover them yourself, with family and friends!

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Bicycle riding

If you are an avid or recreational cyclist, you are in the right place. You’ll feel at home in Kokorin with its many tour options. Experience Impressive roads and trails from the mountains to the lakes. All choices offer unique scenery – thick,blue forests, lush, green plains, lakes and majestic sandstone formations.

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Horse riding

What do you think about horseback riding and what’s the point? It is an amazing means of traveling and observing the landscape at a reasonable pace. It reminds of the romance of the Middle Ages when it wandered through the countryside on horseback.

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What will You don’t even run into it in the deepest dreams,

Summer, the heat to fall in. A normal man sheds himself in a shade with a cold drink, and you don’t go on your route. Here’s the shade and shade and pleasant moisture, and the air smells so beautiful. her hot pine needles, moss and forest heat? Do you realize sometimes how smells of summer forest? And the birdsong … heavenly music. And the sun’s rays that break in the tree branches …

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Our body and soul, our minds, always seem to need something new to relax and refresh. Sometimes, however, we need to calm down, slow down, plunge into the water with the scent of an orange grove, sometimes energize and stretch through yoga or exercise routines, or to encourage ourselves to be carried away by a lava stone massage or the secrets of the wraps.

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Just relax

Our body, mind and spirit have differing needs at different times due to our fast-paced life style. Sometimes, we need to calm down and slow down, immerse ourselves in water with the aroma of an orange orchard, other times, we need to refuel and stretch our body, or be refreshed or let ourselves be carried away by a hot stone massage and the mysteries of wraps, all of which – feelings of well-being, fitness, self confidence, happiness and joy.

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