In the area of ​​Kokořínské Valley there are fishing on the ponds of the Pšovka River.

In the ​​Kokořínské Valley Region you can fish in the many ponds and the Pšovka River. At present, it is possible to fish on the ponds Velká Lhotka and Stříbrník (Vojtěchov) with permits which can be purchased in Mělník (Forest Management, Kokořínská Street). On the Kačírek and Hlučovská ponds, it is possible to fish with the owners’ permission. The Kokořínské Valley ponds are deep and support carp, amur, tolstobobiky, catfish, pike zander and white fish. The fishing season begins April 1 and predator fishing is from July 1 to December 1. A fishing license is required.