What will You don’t even run into it in the deepest dreams,

Summer, the heat to fall in. A normal man sheds himself in a shade with a cold drink, and you don’t go on your route. Here’s the shade and shade and pleasant moisture, and the air smells so beautiful. her hot pine needles, moss and forest heat? Do you realize sometimes how smells of summer forest? And the birdsong … heavenly music. And the sun’s rays that break in the tree branches …


Oh, who created this kitsch. Is it even possible?

But even autumn is not an outsider between seasons. Everyone scolds for sleet and wind and nasty weather. But you will feel the smell of falling and rotting leaves in the air of your forest. And the leaves under your feet are rustling and the impact is beautifully soft. True, it slips a little. Even the forest colors don’t leave you cold. It is not possible what the nature can do.

Which painter painted these leaves?

Whatever it is, you run in nature and find what you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe in the middle of winter. There’s frost outside, snowstorm. And you set out on your usual route. Falling flakes into the eyes and face. After a few meters you warm up and suddenly realize the white splendor. You watch the flakes shape when they hit the sleeve of your jacket. And that strange white silence. Only you and the snow. You run in the snow and feel like a duvet.

And now look forward to spring. It is already awakening in our forest. Snowdrops showed up yesterday. The birds are beginning to echo. The trees will soon show their strength and you will be able to observe how nature changes from day to day.